Discover new ways to develop and grow your home staging career at the 3RD ANNUAL 

National Home Staging Symposium

Rydges Melbourne, July 8th-9th 2017 

Who should attend this event? 

• You are working as a property stylist in your own business 

• You are working as a property stylist in someone else’s business 

• You have a passion for interior and real estate and are looking to begin a new career 

• You want to meet and network with new people who are on a similar journey to you in the Australian home staging market 

• You want to learn from a mum of four with a six figure pay check and loads of other experts who can help you take your home staging career to the next level 

• You are a real estate agent or renovator looking to further develop your knowledge of the home staging industry in Australia 

Join Naomi and a host of other inspirational experts and entrepreneurs in Melbourne to enhance and grow your home staging career in 2017! 


What will you learn?  

The aim of the National Home Staging Symposium 2017 is to creatively explore, indulge and educate you about the world of home staging as it evolves and grows in Australia. 

The in’s and out’s of home staging in the Australian real estate market so you are able to fully understand your career, your industry and the related industries you associate with on a daily basis, which helps to grow your expertise 

• How to successfully run an online business, as part of your bricks and mortar business to expand your client basis and to earn an additional income 

• How to build relationships with real estate agents and expand your referral base with them 

• How to build your dream team of stylists, labourers, real estate agents and trades so you can create a wider client and network referral web in your business 

• How to manage a business in a niche industry so you can assert your confidence and skills when establishing partnerships with real estate agents and trades 

• How to ensure you are making money by establishing a large client basis through putting yourself and your business out there to join and create networks 

• How to create an effective work/life balance as a business owner, employee or student so you don’t become overwhelmed when your career expands 

• How to implement insurance strategies to help you protect your career and your business 

• How to know what trends to use and what ones to avoid to ensure that your styling work is the best it possibly can be 

• How to figure out what social media sites you should be using so you can directly reach your audience 

• How to establish who your target market is so you know what online content you should be creating and where you should be putting it 

Who is Naomi?

Naomi Findlay is the founder and principal of the International Institute of Home Staging. Before Naomi’s career in home staging began 9 years ago though, she was creating the stepping stones that allowed for the huge success that she has established now. 

• Naomi has received numerous teaching awards from the University of Newcastle and the Australian College of Education 

• Naomi has a PhD in Medical Science and lectured at the University of Newcastle 

• Naomi is a mother of four and successfully runs three businesses 

• Naomi started her home staging career by establishing Silk Home Staging and Styling, a brick and mortar home staging business in Newcastle, which has just begun its 9th established year 

• Naomi created the International Institute of Home Staging, a global education program that allows students to become accredited home stagers 

• Naomi has successfully established and runs the largest home staging and property styling conference in the southern hemisphere

• Naomi also has established, providing styling E-Books, Space Medicine and the Rapid Renovation Formula 

• Naomi is one of Australia’s leading interior designers and was voted one of the Top 5 home stagers in the world in 2015.

• Naomi is the author of the best-selling book Ignite Your Property Mojo 

• Naomi has successfully staged over 1500 properties 

• Naomi has an extensive list of international speaking events, including the American National Home Staging Summit 

• Naomi is a featured expert on both and, as well as a regular contributor to 

• Naomi has mentored a number of past The Block contestants, including Alisa and Lysandra in 2013 on how to start up a business

• Naomi is a speaker at Stuart Zadel’s Ultimate Property & Cashflow Conference 2016 and 2017 

Through her personal experiences in the home staging, interior design and education industries, as both a student and teacher in all areas, Naomi has created her own keys to success. One of Naomi’s key passions is sharing her knowledge and experience about renovating and the home staging industry with others, which she is able to do through her many conferences, including the annual Australian National Home Staging Symposium. 

Have you always wanted…

• To find out what it takes to grow your home staging career and/or business to the next level so you can become the leading home staging in your local area? 

• To spend time focusing on you and your home staging dreams and aspirations so you can learn to believe more in yourself and your career goals 

To learn from others who have succeeded and are willing to share their knowledge with you? 

• To network with a community of home staging professionals from all around Australia so you can expand your business and knowledge surrounding the home staging industry? 

• A work schedule that fits into and around your life so you can have more time with family, friends or whatever else you want? 

The 2017 National Home Staging Symposium will give you all the information you need to take you closer to achieving your dreams! 


To view the Agenda for the 2017 National Home Staging Symposium CLICK HERE! 

Why learn from Naomi and her guests? 

• Naomi has staged over 1500 properties and has created a formula that guarantees successful home staging results 

• The previous two annual symposiums were sell outs and many people are returning again for more! 

• IIHS has a high student enrolment and graduation turn over as the courses are easy to fit in with day to day life 

• All of the guests at the event provide quality information gained from personal experience which means that you can skip the majority of hard-hitting trial and error mistakes that have the potential to destroy your motivation 

• At the event, the guests will only share quality and necessary information relevant to the Australian home staging industry and your career in this industry 

• This is the third annual conference which shows that there is high demand for the content you will gain from the event  

Who else will be there? 


Taubmans sponsored the 2016 Australian National Home Staging Symposium, and they loved it so much they agreed to sponsor our 2017 event! Taubmans is one of Australia’s longest running paint and coating companies. Taubmans offer a wide range of colours and paint types as well as a digital Paint Your Own Room platform so you can try before you buy. 

Interiors Addict

Interiors Addict sponsored the 2016 Australian National Home Staging Symposium, and they jumped at the chance to sponsor the 2017 event! Interiors Addict is a self-proclaimed interiors news site, and is the go-to interior style inspiration for many home stagers in Australia. Interiors Addict are long-time supporters of Naomi and her multiple businesses. 

Tara O’Connell 

Tara O’Connell is creator of the globally successful App “The Baby Diaries”. She is an award winning entrepreneur, author, speaker and CEO at Tara O’, where she inspires and empowers driven business women around the world to take action and achieve their definition of success everyday.

Her key message is “with self-belief, anything is possible”.

Marissa Roberts 

Marissa Roberts is a digital mentor, helping primarily female entrepreneurs grow their business in a time effective way.

An author of many e-books, Marissa has helped many people transform their small online business to being their main stream of income.

Tammy Guest 

Naturopath, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Traveller, Mother, Author and helicopter pilot, among other things

‘I dream of a world where all entrepreneurs embody the same vitality that fuels their business’. I partner with entrepreneurs helping them regain their energy, banish overwhelm and help them shine so their message shines, all through natural health.

Andrew Dart 

Andrew Dart is the Director of Newcastle based Home Staging business, Silk Home. With a history in pharmaceutical sales, Andrew has harnessed his skills to ensure that Silk Home does not miss out on any business or projects that are offered.

Andrew prides himself on being able to help and serve people, especially in business.

Greg Logue 

Greg Logue is an accountant for DFK Crosbie, an accounting company in Newcastle, NSW.

Greg prides himself and DFK Crosbie on financing and working with niche industries, such as Home Staging. With nearly a decade of accounting experience, Greg is well versed with understanding the importance of finance, even for niche industries.

Rod Carniege 

Allsafe Insurance Brokers pride themselves on offering Business Insurance to niche industries, such as Home Staging. They also offer Specialist Insurance for businesses in industries, such as Home Staging, where there is a specific risk associated with the business that is not covered by other insurance companies.

Located in Queensland, Allsafe Insurance Brokers offer insurance to businesses all over Australia.

Fi Bendall

Featured on the cover of CEO Magazine, Fi Bendall is a powerhouse in business. In 2015 she was awarded the Westpac 100 Women of Influence Award in the Business category and in 2016 Fi was a judge at the Ausmumpreneur award. Fi has worked for large international companies such as the BBC and Virgin in developing digital strategies and a gaming portal.

Bendalls Group is well regarded in developing digital strategies for a wide range of companies in Australia, including finance companies and retail companies. Fi’s skills are internationally recognised and highly sought after.

Denise Duffield-Thomas

Denise Duffield-Thomas is the CEO of, an online mindset training program for female entrepreneurs. Denise aims to help women transform their money mindset overnight to start amazing cashflows.

Denise holds a Business Studies degree and has worked with AIESEC International, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Future Considerations and Barnardos.

The If's and But's

• Is it really worth it? Investing in yourself and your career is the best investment you can make! Throughout the event you will have opportunities to connect with like-minded people and to give your career a boost! 

• But the event is expensive…You need to think of the event as an investment! You are spending a weekend around highly successful entrepreneurs, listening to amazing guest speakers and surrounding yourself with individuals in the same industry as you! The weekend is a great way to explore potential business partners and learn a heap of information about a wide variety of different topics! The information covered in the event is information that is relevant to the here and now in Australian home staging, giving you a leg up in the industry! 

• Why do I need to learn more? Learning about colours, design trends, furniture and ultimately what sells is absolutely essential to become a successful home stager. When you jump into a home staging career without undergoing a home staging education program that is specific to the Australian real estate market you are likely to not have all the correct information you need. At the event you will learn how to trust yourself and your career. This involves learning how to be in the best mindset for business and how to sell your service. As an event attendee, you will be aware that not everyone fully understands what home staging actually is. At the event you will learn how to effectively explain what home staging is and why it is extremely important in the Australian real estate market. 

• How will your event be any different to the information online? The information provided throughout the event is created specifically for and about Australian real estate. While some design trends travel worldwide, real estate industries do not! The Australian real estate industry is drastically different to the real estate industries in America, Canada and England, making the information provided from these sources irrelevant to an Australian audience. As the National Home Staging Symposium is the leading home staging and design conference in the southern hemisphere the information from the event is unique and necessary for all home stagers in Australia. 

• But I don’t have the time… Sure, asking for a whole weekend of your time seems like a lot! There is no better way to jumpstart your home staging career, or learn a bunch of extra information about your career. The event is also a great way to get an idea if the home staging industry really is for you! Some people spend years and years at university to then enter the ‘real world’ only to find out that they hate the career path they have chosen! In the grand scheme of things, if you attend the event and decide that the home staging industry isn’t something that you are directly interested in across the weekend you would have spent time with a bunch of motivated and successful individuals! 

• Do I need to be a home stager to attend the event? NO! While the event is directed at home stagers there is no need for you to be a home stager to attend the event! At past events up and coming home stagers, people who are thinking about becoming home stagers, partners and real estate agents have all attended! 

Post Event Promises

We guarantee after the National Home Staging Symposium 2017 you will at a minimum have done the following: 

• Met at least five people who will inspire you to grow and develop both personally and professionally 

• Discover new ways to increase your effectiveness as a home stager 

• Created actionable steps to take your home staging career to the next level 

• Had the pleasure of sharing in a community of like-minded professionals with similar goals and a drive for education and information 


This year the International Institute of Home Staging is offering two scholarship opportunties. These are:

Course Education Scholarship 

Mentoing Scholarship

Scholarship applications open 1st March 2017 and close 31st May 2017. 

To find out more click here!

Your attendance shall constitute your acceptance that during the Symposium, IIHS and our speakers will be offering additional courses or products for purchase by participants. These courses or products will enable you to learn in greater detail how to put into practice the speaker’s strategies. These additional services will be offered for sale at the event and of course you are free to choose whether you want more information and wish to purchase the further services of the speaker.


* All content and information provided at the Symposium is general advice and for educational purposes only.